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Stepping Out & Into The World

Team Peri is taking our message on the road. Our founder, Peri, is sharing her story with the world by educating the next generation and corporations on  inclusion, the importance of making sure that all have a seat at the table and building a community, the power of Stepping Out of Line, and her journey. Email her directly at for inquires. 


Adelphi University

I invited Peri to serve as a guest speaker in my interdisciplinary class on disability. Peri's talk was one of the most well-received of all the guest lecturers in the class, and Peri graciously volunteered her time and expertise to answer follow-up questions from my students afterwards. Peri's talk was accessible, educational, engaging, and inspiring.

Anthony Dotterman

Director, Adelphi Plus Learning Community 

Associate Teaching Professor, College of Arts and Sciences 

Student Testimony

I use the term ‘inspirational’ meagerly and with hesitation, but there aren’t many other words to describe Peri Finkelstein’s tremendous perseverance, bravery, and commitment to herself, her organization, and her community. Peri’s methodology behind ‘stepping out of line’ heavily intertwines with taking risks that can make-or-break one’s confidence and reputation, all rooted in vulnerability. Her mantra of promising to explore all opportunities and defy the odds still resonates with me, as I apply it to situations in my personal and academic lives. I consider stepping out of line to be the hallmark of a leader, and hope I can apply the same philosophy in my future position at the hospital. One day, I hope I can be at least half as strong-willed & strong-minded as Peri.

Image of Peri smiling. Her computer is open to her slide deck that she used to speak to Touro University.
Image of Peri with the Touro University class.

Touro University 

Peri presented an engaging talk to my Doctor of Physical Therapy students about DEI as it relates to individuals with physical disabilities. She charged us to operationalize the idea of inclusion in real ways, every day in every environment. Her ‘step out of line’ message is inspiring on a personal level but also on a professional level. Physical therapists can and should encourage their patients/clients to dream big, and we can help them realize their goals. Thank you, Peri, for sharing your wisdom and for the very important work that you do!  

Yocheved Bensinger-Brody Assistant Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program 

New York University (NYU) 

Peri did a guest lecture at my “Introduction to Assistive Technology” class this past semester. The class consisted of individuals from all backgrounds but not within the disability space. The students in the class learned so much about Peri’s experience with technology, living with a disability, and how to disrupt the system by “stepping out of line”. The information she provided was eye opening to everyone that attended. I really appreciate Peri providing us with her time and expertise. I continue to learn from Peri every time I hear her speak.

Holly Cohen, Professor at NYU


Quinnipiac University 

We invited Peri to speak at our DEI journal club meeting focused on intellectual humility surrounding the topic of disability. She challenged us to embrace the term disability, to not make assumptions, and communicate with humility and respect. We also learned that accessibility issues continue to be a barrier to optimal healthcare and encouraged us to increase our own awareness and push to make positive changes. One student commented, 'The most important thing I learned from this experience is to never assume anything about anyone. Just because someone may have a physical and/or mental disability, does not mean that they are not capable of doing anything they put their mind to! This is an important mindset to have as a future PT as I may be treating individuals with different disabilities'."

Karen Blood, Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy 

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