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Team Peri Foundation: The Art of Stepping Out of Line

There is an art to stepping out of line. Sometimes stepping out of line can be messy and chaotic. Sometimes it's fraught with disaster. Sometimes it's done with grace. Learning to embrace facing the unknown and venturing outside the norm is how you will challenge and ultimately, discover your full potential. 


Team Peri's Step Out of Line movement continues: The Team Peri Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by a young woman with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy, Peri Finkelstein. Peri, who uses an electric wheelchair, has seen first-hand the amount of injustice and bias that exist. 


Conducting accessibility audits will enable us to improve public and private establishments' accessibility beyond the ADA standards by addressing barriers of access with a focus on global and domestic travel. By bringing disability inclusion awareness to the corporate sector through speaking engagements led by Peri and working directly with brands to improve their overall accessibility, we will help bring the issue of inclusion and diversity to the table for discussion.

Team Peri Foundation is pursuing brands, companies, and institutions that could benefit from our assistance in tapping into this uncharted territory. The niche target market was simple to identify, given Peri's history and advocacy efforts to increase access in all facets of life. Our services provide clients with a framework to solve everyday problems while also establishing a reputation for inclusivity and sensitivity. Our foundation can truly be a value-add to any business.

Over the past fifteen years, a project of Team Peri has been to raise funds for Chai Lifeline. As of January 2024, the Team Peri Foundation has fundraised over $1,000,000 for the nonprofit, Chai Lifeline/Team Lifeline.

Join the Team Peri Foundation and master The Art of Stepping Out of Line with us. Strive to be better, push your own limits, and have no regrets. 

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